Austrian artists Billy Roisz and dieb13 have freed themselves from the real and the title of their performance, "NotTheSameColor" evokes the relativity of the control they have over images as well as the sounds they generate by inter-connecting cameras, monitors, record players and other synthesizers. Their favourite material is none other than noise; noise in images, noise in sound, the noise we ordinarily flee from, the noise that is characteristic of the between; between two television sets or between two radios. And it is the same forces, the same energies that generate images and sounds by partially escaping the control of the two performers. Forces or energies of mysterious origin that Nam June Paik was already tracking in the 1960´sby mistreating television sets in subjecting them to electromagnetic fields. There is in fact something strange, something hypnotic in the incessant flux of vertical sweeps that succeed one another at thirty images a second according to the NTSC video standard; sweeps that are truly never "the same colour".
-- Dominique Moulon on

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