technical rider
video 1 (BYE BYE ONE)
video 2 (STWST DOKU)
video 4 (MAKNITE - untitled colors)
video 5 (INTERVIW)

NotTheSameColor is a live video-sound-duo by dieb13 and billy roisz.

The setup consists of various audio and video instruments,
connected in a way that allows multiple ways of feedback and physical interaction.
Audio and video signals leave their domain to get a new function and meaning.
Sound causes images and video signal can be heard. The speaker and the screen
finally define whether a signal will appear audible or visible.
Thus, signal routing becomes an integral element of the creative process.
The instruments are partly self built
(e.g. ultrasonic sound-/video- synthesizer and "embedded" mini-computer).
The linux-based soundsoftware is self-written.

NTSC is a continously developing project about interactions between sound and video
off the well beaten paths of computer analysis and synthesis in a live context.

dieb13: turntables, computer, devices
billy roisz: videomixers, audiomixer, videosynth

contact: ntsc at klingt dot org